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I started dancing about 6 months ago. I've never done anything like it, and after a million failed attempts at trying to get friends to go with me, I went alone. It was the best decision! Valerie and all her instructors are incredibly encouraging, and make learning so much fun. I've lost weight, toned up like crazy and gained an amazing amount of confidence. I've made tons of new friends too. And with every class, I learn more moves, it's an awesome feeling! I've accomplished more than I ever thought I could do with my body, thanks to my Vertical Fitness family!

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My name is Adena Summers.  I am a native Southern Californian (Valley Girl!) and recently transferred to Sacramento from Oregon for my job.  It’s good to be back in my home state!

I started pole about six months ago.  I was looking for something to add to my running routine.  That was fine for weight loss and calorie burning, but I craved something ‘different’ and something I could develop a passion for.  I’ve never been athletic so going into a pole class was scary!


After my first class I was completely hooked!  It was so different, so fun, so challenging and there is never an end to the levels you can reach.  I have the additional challenge of being a type 1 diabetic and I’ve found the workouts here help me with my blood sugar levels and circulation. I enjoy it so much I am often there 3 hours a day a few times a week.

Since starting at VFS, I have lost 15 pounds, dropped 2 sizes and have gained so much strength and confidence.  I have muscle definition I never thought existed on my body! I am 45 years old and am in the best shape I have ever been in. And I have met some of the most amazing, encouraging, awesome women on the planet.

I can’t wait for each class so I can see what I can push myself to do and what accomplishment I can take pride in that day!

Xoxo, Adena


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sept_som_1Hey Fellow Polers!!!

My name is Mandy Darmody. I graduated from Sac State in 2011 with double Bachelor’s degrees in public relations and tourism administration. I have a background in dance and gymnastics but had not participated in either in a few years. I have been at Vertical Fitness for four months and I’m OBSESSED! Since becoming a member, I have lost 5% body fat, gained strength, increased my flexibility substantially and have a new-found confidence. Pole fitness started out as a hobby and has become a passion. There is nothing like mastering a move you thought you never could; it is more than just a sense of accomplishment, it is a sense of pride. Getting to know all the ladies here has been incredible- there is such a sense of camaraderie that I thoroughly enjoy. For those of you whom I have not met, I look forward to doing so!


Xoxo, Mandy







*About a year ago I moved here from AR with my girlfriend. On my way here the only thing to eat was fast food and I had to live off that before our things made it to our new apartment. I had gained a lot of weight and weighed about 140 in this picture. While I wasn't unhealthy looking I knew I could look better and wasn't comfortable in my own skin and was a bit ashamed.  I started going to the gym and working out but that alone gets boring doing it all by yourself.  I wanted to make friends and do something different than just running on a treadmill and lifting weights.

I was then suggested by my girlfriend to try pole dancing as her friend absolutely loved it and got very toned while doing so. I was a bit worried about being judged as I was not very graceful and had no clue what I was doing. Upon walking in everyone was very friendly, welcoming, and so encouraging saying “Just keep trying! You will get this!”

beforeWhat they said was true. I have come a long way from just doing simple spins, to inverting, to doing a combination of tricks all within learning how to trust myself and moving gracefully on the floor or pole. As I progressed I saw my body toning all over.  From arms, tummy, shoulders and even my thighs, which have always been such a problem for me. I went from 140 to 118.

I lost weight, but what I have gained is confidence within myself I had no idea I had, strength that you could never achieve by just going to the gym, controlled movement, and how to be graceful on my feet. I look in the mirror in class when being instructed and can't believe it's me that I'm seeing!  I look like the girls I used to envy on youtube! Coming to this studio has been a life-changing event. I learned all of these things about myself and I am making so many friends along the way.

july_som_1Every time I walk out of the studio I feel great about myself. I have great instructors and friends who encourage me if I try a new trick.  Even if I'm a little scared, they are right there to help me through.  And, when you pull it off and hear the applause you can't help but feel amazing.  I feel proud of myself going from not even being able to climb the pole, to now being able to hang upside down with just the back of my knee holding me up. I always remember to just keep trying and that practice makes perfect!



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*A little less than two years ago, I found myself in a pretty dark place. I was only 21 and I had already reached 230lbs. I had no energy to go out with my friends or pursue the things I wanted. I was lucky just to get through work and school. I remember thinking to myself, “This is the prime of my life?? I can’t even do anything.” My weight was like a wall, separating me from the life I wanted to have.


My lowest point was when I decided to go on a trip to Santa Cruz with my friends. We hit up the boardwalk and decided to go on my all-time favorite ride, the Fireball. It was a crowded summer day and my two friends and I waited anxiously in line to ride. I remember at one point thinking the last time I had been on this ride I was considerably smaller. Would that be an issue? I watched each batch of people get on, comparing my body to theirs and thinking, “I should be fine.” Finally, it was our turn. I sat down next to my two friends and waited for the attendant to come by and secure us in. Both of my skinny friends were buckled in with no problem, and now it was my turn. The attendant pushed against the bar going across my body, but there was no click. She again tried, pushing with all her force. I could feel my face become hot as I realized, “I’m too big for this ride.” After struggling for several minutes to get me in, the attendant finally had to ask me to step aside as I was unable to fit. I was too fat, and everyone on the ride and watching in line knew it.

caitlin_4I decided to do something drastic. I underwent lapband surgery. Not only was I big, but I was having regular chest pains. My Uncle died at 35 from heart problems, and he was better shape than I was. I was afraid if things didn’t change soon, my “health” wouldn’t last. With the aid of lapband, along with drastically changing my diet, I was able to lose 50lbs, but then I was stuck again. The scale wouldn’t budge and I was starting to feel frustrated. I had changed my diet completely, but I knew I needed more.

caitlin_3I decided to start looking at different work outs. I really didn’t want to go back to a gym. I had wasted countless dollars on unused memberships in the past. I always felt so uncomfortable working out at gyms because I felt like people were judging me. Even though I was down 50lbs, I was still at a very chubby 180lbs. I decided to look at fitness classes on line. I don’t remember how, but I came across the website for Vertical Fitness. I read about the small class sizes with only women and thought it sounded great. I invited a girl friend to try it with me so I wouldn’t be alone. Our first class was a sight to be seen. I didn’t make it off the ground once. I clung to the pole afraid I would slip off and die. But one thing stuck out about this class; no one judged me. No one made me feel bad about how bad I was (and trust me, I was). I remember watching the girls around me gracefully spin around the pole and thinking, “I want to do that!” I asked some of the girls how long they had been taking classes and they assured me that if I kept coming, I could do it, too. So I did.


I started going once a week, but that wasn’t enough. I actually wanted to go MORE. So it was twice a week, then 3 times, then 4. Now I find myself doubling up on classes. I’m addicted. It’s so much fun that sometimes it doesn’t even feel like a work out! Trust me though, this is an EXCELLENT work out. You work out your entire body, sometimes you start feeling muscles you didn’t even know you had!

Since first trying a class almost a year ago, I’ve lost 20lbs and am now at 160lbs. But even more, I’ve gained muscle mass. I’ve gained flexibility. I’ve gained confidence. Most importantly, however, I’ve gained an amazing group of supportive friends. I promise if you try this, you won’t regret it. And you, too, will be welcomed into the pole family just like I was.



angela_3*My name is Angela and I'm 42 years old. I have been going to pole classes at Vertical Fitness for almost two years. When I started in the summer of 2012, I was 175 pounds, bored with the gym, and looking to bring a little sexy back. I signed up with a Groupon and was going to just do the stretching classes to start out, since I was a little embarrassed to try the pole classes. My schedule would not permit me to attend any class except pole, so I showed up to my first pole class.

I arrived to the first class a little early and sat in the parking lot and watched the very fit women arrive and go inside. I was sure I had made a mistake. I didn't look like these girls, I was almost twice their size and wasn't about to wear the short shorts they had on. But I was committed to at least try it, so I went inside. It was dark inside, thankfully, and I was determined to give what I could, whatever that was, despite the sea of in shape women around me.

angela_1What I found was an atmosphere of no judgement, it didn't matter what size I was, it didn't matter that I was older than most of them, everyone was working on improving a technique or a move and I was just at the beginning. I found I could do a couple moves on the first day and wanted to learn more. I didn't set out to lose weight, I just wanted to feel feminine and girly. At each class, I saw improvement, sometimes very little, sometimes a lot, in strength, in technique, and I was having a blast doing it.

I now weigh 115 pounds and can do moves that, at the beginning, I could never have imagined I would be able to do. There will never be a shortage of more challenging moves to master, I'm always working on at least one. Love pole.

Forever getting my sexy on!


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*I started at VFS in August of 2012. Like so many people, a sedentary job had added inches to my waist and I was borderline depressed about it. I'd wanted to try pole fitness for a long time but figured I would be too big or too weak, and I didn't want to be embarrassed. My spouse wanted to help encourage me and surprised me with a one month membership as an anniversary gift, so I decided to give it a go.

From my very 1st class I was amazed at how friendly the teachers were and how comfortable everyone made me feel. As with a lot of people's 1st classes, I could only do a few spins, but I was inspired by the people around me who made it look so easy and beautiful, and how they were so quick to encourage the new girl. At the end of the class I asked a teacher how I could get as good as some of the fellow students. She smiled and said, "just keep coming back". So I did. I started out trying to make at least 2 classes a week. Slowly but surely, the strength and endurance began to build and before I knew it I was doing moves I never thought I could and beginning to take intermediate classes.

My arms and back started to gain definition and my core strength came out of hiding to help me progress into more advanced upside down moves. As of today I have lost over 25 pounds and am stronger than I have ever been.

Every week I'm working on something new or perfecting something old. Pole fitness has truly transformed my life and body and will forever be a part of my fitness routine. Thank you VFS!

* Hi my name is Heather and like many people I was struggling with my weight. I started to put on weight when I turned seventeen and in less than one year I went from being a hundred pounds to over one hundred and eighty pounds, seven years later, yes I have been over weight for seven years. I had tried everything I could think of to lose weight - diets, workouts, diet pills, smoothie only diet and still the weight was always there, going up and down. Then finally I realized that if I don’t like doing what I am doing then I won’t stick to it and the weight will just come back. So I started to look into a fun workout. Tabo…ooooh that was a good one!  I ended up tripping over my feet and never moving to the right beat.

Then I saw Vertical Fitness Studio….this is a long shot I thought to myself. I am horrible at dancing and the idea of me moving sexy had me rolling on the floor laughing at myself.  But then I realized that I had tried everything else so why not. IT WAS AMAZING, awkward…yes, off center…most definitely, no rhymes…yup that was me, no upper body strength and far too heavy that is how I felt at first. Yet after every class, I walked away with a little less body fat, a little more muscle and feeling sexier and sexier about myselfit was a hit and I was in love, not to mention my fiance loves to ask what moves I learned after each class.  Which lead to buying the first pole for our house, I guess he got tired of only hearing about the moves, plus it is nice to be able to practice at home.

Now I am THIRTY…yes it is true THIRTY pounds lighter then I was three months ago and loving life and most important loving myself.

I am even wearing shorts which I haven't done in over three years. Vertical Fitness Studio is a blast! It is everything a women looks for in a workout. It tones every part of your body and you always walk away feeling sexy about yourself, which is something I never felt when I walked away from the gym. I will admit the first few classes, I knew that I was in love with Vertical Fitness but not so sure about how I looked while doing or attempting to do the moves.  But, three months later and I am taking level two classes and I am confident in every move that I do.  Even if I can't get the move right the first few tries, I know that in the end, with some practice, that I can make the moves look good. Not to mention the more I work on making the moves look good, the more weight I lose and the stronger I get….it a bonus all around. Look sexy, lose weight and tone my body….the only left to do is tan for bathing suit season. ~ Heather

* Like most of you reading this right now, when I first heard of Pole Fitness, I thought "I would really like to try that". So after lurking on VFS website for some time, I finally jumped in and signed up for a class. At first I had some apprehensions in regards to a genetic hip condition that I have, and thought I might not be able to handle the different pole moves; some days I have a lot of pain, and my range of motion in my hip is not like it use to be. One class is all it took, I was hooked. And like a true addict, I can't get enough of these classes! The instructors are AMAZING! They are so much fun, and so helpful and patient. They spend individual time with each person to make sure that we "get" the move, spin or hip roll right. If there's something that I'm not comfortable doing, they will modify it for me so that I still look hot and amazing doing it. In just 2 months time, my arms are completely toned (yes, I am selling tickets to the gun show), I have finally busted through that pesky plateau that I have been on since the beginning of time, and at the 80's themed office Halloween party: I wore what is now considered my vintage 1989 Prom dress-and trust me, everyone knew that was my actual prom dress. (It's been 21 years, the fact that I still have it, let alone fit in it [easily I might add] is something I wanted to shout from the roof top) Oh, and about my hip, which is by far the coolest part for me: the pain has decreased significantly and the range of motion has improved greatly. I have been able to almost completely stop taking pain pills which was a daily occurrence before. My only regret is that I should have stopped lurking and walked in sooner! So come and let your inner Diva out! ~ Jennifer Sykes

*Pole dancing/Pole fitness controlled my back pain in a matter of 6 months. I have had back pain and flare ups, due to my scoliosis, since I could remember. I've tried physical therapy treatments, yoga, and all sorts of work-outs, but this is the only workout regime I stuck with and got hooked on.

Due to my scoliosis, I have limited body strength. I was kept in a bubble growing up preventing any further damage on my back. I love trying things that are not considered a "norm" and I get bored easily to the point where I will just stop continuing the treatments. I joined Vertical Fitness to satisfy my curiosity on the buzz about pole fitness.

And like everybody else in Val's class, we all got hooked on our first day. In a matter of 6 months, I have gained flexibility (which I never thought I had before) and strength (most especially upper body strength) that I never had.

When I first started, I couldn't even lift myself up and now I am already in Pole 2 Class learning the tricks that are really fulfilling once you get the mechanics. In addition, all the girls are really friendly and supportive. There is no discrimination or the feeling of being "different or outcasted" whether it's your first day or you've been taking the class for a long time. Everyone is helpful. The instructors are really great and welcoming.

Joining Vertical Fitness is the best decision I've made. Not only has it helped get rid of and control my back pain, but the self-esteem and confidence you build is truly fulfilling. I would highly recommend Pole dancing/fitness especially at Vertical Fitness Studio to everyone else. Most especially to those who have been suffering from back pain like me. You just have to be patient with your body and accept the challenges the pole tricks and spins throw at you. See you in class! :)

My name is Jennifer Franco and I started going to Vertical Fitness Studio in Roseville in March of 2012. I am 28 and was trying to lose that pesky 30 pounds that remained after having my first child. I was doing some Zumba and weight lifting and watching what I ate, but I still couldn't get my body to tighten up the way us women are always trying to. To make things worse I was having severe knee and back pain as a result of previous injuries from sports in high school. My doctors told me that I would need to have surgery on both my knees and physical therapy for a slipped disc in my back and was taking heavy pain killers at least 2-3 times a week. Not only could I not afford to take the time off that surgery would require, I just felt that it was an extreme measure to take.

Research told me that strengthening my body would alleviate the pain. What I was doing at the gym was helping, but not enough. I honestly don't know what made me actually sign up for the vertical virgins class other than curiosity and the need for something new, but it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am stronger than I ever thought I would get and more confident as a result. I am having to buy new clothes as my former "skinny" jeans are now my new "fat" pants. I am happy with how I look in the mirror and it's a great feeling to simply be comfortable in my own skin again. Best of all, yes it gets better, I no longer have my back pain and my knee pain is hardly there anymore. I only have to take my pain medication once a month, if that. I feel like a new person.

I am now taking the Vertical Vixens level 2 class and it has just changed me so much. My friends and family even comment on how I simply smile more than I used to and just seem happier. It is the only thing that unwinds me after work. I could be having the worst day ever and once I dance it out all of it is left behind. I encourage every woman out there to give this class a try.

It is completely different than anything else out there and will get more amazing results than can even be put into words. No matter what physical place you find yourself in there is always a place for you regardless of size, shape, or talent, etc.

The best part is there is so much to learn no matter how good you get. I know that this will be a part of my life going forward. The teachers are amazing and the people you meet are fantastic! All I know is I am addicted for sure! See you in class!!!


*I just wanted to tell you how much fun I had trying out the  class yesterday. I seriously cannot stop talking about it! ~Bonnievfs_img1

*You're doing a wonderful job with these classes and I especially love that you can actually help us with the choreography. It would take years to figure that out on our own! ~ Dr. Donna

*It was the first class that really addressed the tight muscles and tendons I had from sitting.  It was fun and the time flew by, too. ~Courtney

*I am soooo loving this amazingly fun class :) Its a fab workout, Valerie is such a great and patient teacher AND the hour just flies by as we spend our time laughing and doing the bump and grind. ~Tanya
*Who knew slithering around on the floor could work your core and so much more!! Ouch, I'm sore!! ~Theresa

*I already told a bunch of women about it! I think every woman should try out your class and see what it's like to be a Vertical Vixen!! ~Miriam

600_90247212*Thanks so much and I will keep talking about you and your classes! You are an amazing instructor! ~Lisa

*I took one of your pole classes about a month ago and I absolutely loved it. I am
interested in taking a bunch more! Can't wait!! ~Jenn

*I loved this meetup. It was an incredibly fun way to exercise. Valerie is an
excellent teacher! I am definitely going to an

other class! ~Annette

*There could not be a better instructor than Valerie for something like this. She
walks you through each step to make sure you fully understand whats going on. It
was super fun and I definitely worked up a sweat! ~Tiffany

*AWESOME CLASS!! I look forward to the next one! I want to be Felix Cane lol. Thanks for the great lesson Valerie! :) ~Bo-Yee

*OMG this was so much fun.  I had a wonderful time.  I will be back for sure.  A wonderful group of women.  Exciting and fun atmosphere.  Lots to learn. ~Nikki

*Pole Dancing.  This is what I aspire to learn at least in part in the next year. My goal. Valerie, you are AWESOME. I am so glad I found your studio! ~ Nicole

*Valerie, We thank you so much. Last night was great and everyone loved it! I hope we can all get there again soon. I wish I lived closer. You are a great teacher! it was great keep up the great work. thanks for making the night wonderful! ~ Peggy

*Thank you for a wonderful lesson today. I really do appreciate your patience and encouragement. You make it really fun, even when I’m being clumsy. So thank you for that. ~ Ann

Hello, my name is Angela and I have been coming to Vertical Fitness for about a year, I have lost approximately 30 pounds since I started and gained some amazing upper body strength. I love pole fitness because yes, it's exercise, but pretty, and yes, it's strength training, but as my bombshell self, what better way to workout. Get your sexy on! ~ Angela

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