Aerial Hoop


aerial_hoop_picAerial hoop classes are available as private lessons or group sessions. Group sessions are limited to the number of students and you will need to book in advance in order to attend class. For Private Lessons with Valerie or Marie please contact the studio to arrange your date and time.

Aerial Hoop classes include a warm up, strength training, focusing on core and lower abs, conditioning tips, and stretching. Each student will learn at their own pace and level. You will learn various ways to mount and dismount the hoop. The variety of hangs, wraps, twists, mounts and transitions are absolutely endless, and will leave you feeling like you have done a full workout at the gym in a fun way. Students will progress on to harder and more advanced moves as your strength and confidence increase. You will be amazed at what you are actually capable of doing. These classes are extremely fun & addicting!!

Aerial Hoop is appropriate for all shapes and sizes.  No previous experience is required. Minimum age is 8 years old. Men, Women and children welcome in this class!



Aerial Hoop Drop In - $25

Aerial Hoop 5 Class Pass - $99.95

Aerial Hoop 10 Class Pass - $179.95

What to wear:

  • Students will need to wear leggings that cover the back part of your knees.  Leg warmers(optional) add extra padding too. This area is used a lot to grip the hoop so it is important that you protect it... no bare legs please!
  • Mighty Grip Training Gloves are a good idea and socks/”toe undies” to protect the hands and feet are recommended, but not required. *We sell these products if you feel you need them for class.
  • A form fitting tank/t-shirt or long sleeve (recommended).
  • Please remove any rings, bracelets or dangly earrings before class. Preferably no lotions/oils the day of class either.

To sign up for classes please click here to enroll.

Please feel free to email me or call me if you have ANY questions.

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(916) 825-1199