Sexy & Slim

“My workout is so fun and exciting that I can’t wait until my next session!”

ValerieWR_0101pinkintSexy Yourself to Slim & Trim

Ladies 18 to 80 have taken up pole fitness. Why? Because this fitness program is structured and easy enough for any/all levels of fitness.

The custom pole dancing classes at Valerie Rush’s Vertical Fitness Studio strengthen all major muscle groups including: upper and lower back, shoulders, core, hamstrings, quads, inner and outer thighs, and calves. You can burn as many calories as an average high/low impact aerobics class and improve your self esteem and confidence.

What was once considered an activity that people might associate with a gentlemen’s club is becoming the latest trend in whole body fitness.  Learn more about our pole dancing classes and workshops.

“The pole has helped me to feel very sexy and has really improved my confidence.”

Featured on 20/20, The View, A Current Affair, CNN, Oprah and Martha Stewart, February 2010.

“A global community is building up a strong campaign to have pole dancing made an Olympic sport.”

As seen on King of Queens. If Kevin James can do it, so can you!