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Kelly Starkey

Kelly Starkey has been involved in various sports and athletic activities practically her entire life. She started as a tiny kid in Martial Arts, played on her junior high's basketball team for 2 years, earned the highly coveted position of quarterback on her high school's first all female football team, and regularly participates in long distance biking. Even with all of her athletic ability, Kelly never imagined she would one day be a pole athlete.

 She started her journey at VFS in September of 2012 after her spouse bugged her for over a month to give it a try. It only took one class and Kelly was hooked. She was drawn to the sheer athleticism and incredible strength it took and wanted to try advanced moves very early on. Teachers noticed her quick progression and before she knew it she was taking Level 2 classes after less than a month.

In April of 2013 Kelly started subbing a few classes here and there and then became a full fledged teacher in May 2013.

"My favorite thing about pole is that it doesn't put anyone in a box. You can make it anything you want it to be, from sultry and sexy to dangerous and daring to artistic and athletic. There is a pole style for everyone".