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Alyssa Thomas


Alyssa started poling in 2013; she immediately fell in love with the art and started getting addicted to performing. She would spend hours at her home studio in Missouri training and building her skills in choreography/dance. Alyssa especially became addicted to performing in showcases.


Her first showcase was in the spring of 2014 and since then she has been in 7 local showcases in Missouri. She has also showcased in Karol Helms "Odd Ones Out" in North Carolina, "Michelle Mynx's Extravaganza" in St. Louis, Missouri, "Speak to Me" in Chicago, Illinois, 3 "Vertical Desires", hosted by Leah Franklin and Jordan Mazur, in Columbia, Missouri. She performed in her first Vertical Fitness showcase in the fall of 2017 after moving from Missouri to California. 


Alyssa has also been a part of Pole Sport Organization's (PSO) various competitions within the Midwest including 3 Central Pole Championship events which she placed 2nd and 5th in level four entertainment and 5th in level four exotic. She recently competed in PSO's newest competition Gateway Pole Championships and placed 5th in level four dramatic. She plans to continue to compete in PSO events as she loves the positive environment PSO harbors as a pole community and how they embrace all aspects of pole fitness. 


She encourages all forms of pole fitness and loves to help people break out of their comfort zones, whether it means competing in your first competition, your first showcase, or just free styling for yourself in the privacy of your own home.


Alyssa can't wait to bring her experiences from the Midwest to Vertical Fitness and is always excited to see new faces in class. Her motto is: "No matter what you do, progress is progress. Showing up for class and just being present is progress. Everyday you will continue to grow even if you can't see it for yourself. Never give up on your journey and do everything you do for YOU."